Send Research Chimpanzees to Sanctuary

Send Research Chimpanzees to Sanctuary

Name of Bill: Chimp Sanctuary Act

Bill Number: S.3613

In 2000, President Clinton signed into law the Chimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance, and Protection Act (CHIMP Act), which prohibited the euthanasia of chimpanzees simply because they were no longer of “use” to a research facility. The CHIMP Act also established Chimp Haven—a federally funded sanctuary for chimpanzees no longer needed in research—and required that the government take responsibility for at least part of the cost of lifetime care for these chimpanzees.  

By 2015, invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees had come to an end in the United States. Unfortunately, nearly seven years later, many former research chimpanzees are still languishing in government-funded research facilities—being housed at a higher cost to taxpayers than if they lived more freely at Chimp Haven.

The Chimp Sanctuary Act, S.3613, will help chimpanzees living on U.S. Air Force bases to finally get transferred to Chimp Haven in Louisiana so they can live out their lives among other chimpanzees in a more natural and stimulating environment. 

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Support the Chimp Sanctuary Act to transfer retired research chimpanzees to sanctuary

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask for your support of the Chimp Sanctuary Act, S.3613, to relocate retired research chimpanzees that live on U.S. Air Force bases to Chimp Haven, the national chimpanzee sanctuary in Louisiana. The chimpanzees are no longer used for government research and keeping them on Air Force bases is in violation of the CHIMP Act, not to mention a huge cost to American taxpayers.

Back in 2000, the CHIMP Act was signed into law to prohibit the euthanasia of research chimpanzees simply because they were no longer of "use" to a research facility. The CHIMP Act mandated that retired chimpanzees go to sanctuary. The act also established Chimp Haven for that exact purpose. At Chimp Haven, former research chimpanzees can live out their lives in a natural environment. Keeping NIH-owned, retired research chimpanzees at Air Force bases flies in the face of Congress' intent to give sanctuary to these animals that have known only lives of abject misery.

Importantly, housing chimps on Air Force bases costs three to five times more than housing them at Chimp Haven, according to the NIH's own data. This unnecessary cost is footed by American taxpayers and cannot be justified when Chimp Haven is ready and waiting to take in the animals and care for them at a fraction of the price.

Retired research chimpanzees deserve to enjoy a higher quality of life with superior care at Chimp Haven. Please co-sponsor the bipartisan Chimp Sanctuary Act to give them that much deserved chance.

Thank you for your consideration.

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