New York: Help End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

New York: Help End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Name of Bill: Humane Cosmetics Act

Bill Number: S.4839

Humane CosmeticsCosmetics testing causes unnecessary pain and harm to animals, and alternative testing methods exist that are often cheaper and more accurate predictors for how cosmetic ingredients will affect humans. This reality has led nine states to enact laws that effectively ban the sale of cosmetics that were produced using animal testing.

S.4839, which passed the Senate and House back in May and awaits a signature from the governor, would end the sale in the state of any cosmetic which the manufacturer knew or reasonably should have known was developed using animal testing. Given New York’s significant economy, passage of this act could have a major implication on the use of animals in cosmetic testing and save millions of animals from such cruel practices. 

Banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics is a big step towards reducing the suffering of animals in laboratories because the effect expands well beyond New York. As more states take up similar legislation, manufacturers around the country will be forced to reexamine their animal testing practices if they want to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Calls to Action: 

  1. Please contact Governor Hochul and urge her to sign this bill.
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Please sign S.4839 to end the sale of cosmetics that are tested on animals

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to please sign S.4839 into law to end the sale of cosmetics that are developed using animal testing. Safe and reliable non-animal safety tests have existed for years, and hundreds of brands already sell cosmetics that are cruelty free.

No federal mandate exists that requires cosmetic manufacturers test their products on animals. What does exist is modern methods of testing that combine human cell-based tests and sophisticated computer models that deliver human-relevant results at less cost and in less time than animal tests. Simply put, there is absolutely no need for cosmetics manufacturers to use animals in safety testing, so it is time we put an end to it.

Banning the sale of animal-tested products is important because it effects not only the state of New York, but also the entire cosmetics industry and their decisions on manufacturing and development using cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

There is no justification for the continued reliance on cruel animal tests to ensure the safety of cosmetics. Please sign S.4839 to ensure New York helps lead the fight in the global movement toward cruelty-free cosmetics.

Thank you for your consideration.

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