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Give Animals Used in Laboratories a Chance for Retirement or Adoption

Give Animals Used in Laboratories a Chance for Retirement or Adoption

Name of Bill: Animal Research: Adoption of Dogs and Cats

Bill Number: SB1417

Dog & CatHealthy animals who were once used in research deserve the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes, and new legislation introduced in Virginia would give dogs and cats this chance.

SB1417 would require animal testing facilities that no longer have a need for a dog or cat in its possession to offer the animal to a releasing agency for eventual adoption or for adoption through a private placement.

This important piece of legislation would also require testing facilities operated by an agency or higher education institution to develop its own adoption program. (An exception to this law would be if the dog or cat poses a health or safety risk to the public.) 

These animal testing facilities would have to keep the offer for release open for a reasonable length of time, up to three weeks, prior to euthanizing any dog or cat.


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Please support SB1417 to give research animals a chance at adoption!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to vote favorably for SB1417, which would give dogs and cats used for research a chance at the life all companion animals deserve by requiring testing facilities offer them up for adoption when they are no longer needed for research. The bill does provide an exception for dogs or cats who pose a health or safety risk to the public.

As is, many dogs and cats used in research are routinely euthanized when laboratories no longer have a need for them. This flies in the face of the deep bond that we have developed with these animals and is a particularly cruel ending to a life that knew little more than poking and prodding and testing. SB1417 will direct laboratories to give their dog and cat test subjects a chance at a life beyond the lab.

As evidenced by the lack of opposition to this legislation, there is no justification for laboratories to routinely euthanize dogs and cats at the end of a study. Please support passage of SB1417 and give dogs and cats that have spent their lives as test subjects a chance at a loving home.

Thank you for your consideration.

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