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Your Urgent Action is Needed to Obtain Sponsors for Humane Cosmetics Act

Your Urgent Action is Needed to Obtain Sponsors for Humane Cosmetics Act

Name: Humane Cosmetics Act

Bill Number: S 2886/HR 5141 

The Humane Cosmetics Act was first introduced in the U.S. Congress in 2014. Since then, this bill has been reintroduced in subsequent sessions of Congress, including this year’s bills, S 2886 and HR 5141. 

Unfortunately, this year’s House bill has only 40 cosponsors, despite having 186 House bipartisan sponsors for last year’s bill.   

What went wrong? Why are more legislators not cosponsors this year?

This legislation would make it “unlawful for any person, whether private or governmental, to knowingly conduct or contract for cosmetic animal testing” in the United States. The bill would also make it unlawful to sell, offer for sale or transport across state lines any cosmetic that was developed using animal tests. The ban on the sale would take effect one year after the law is enacted in order to allow stores to sell their old inventory. 

While states across the country (CA, IL, NJ, NV, NY and VA) have passed laws prohibiting cosmetics safety testing on animals or the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in their state—and while more states have introduced and are still considering passage of a cosmetics testing ban—passage of a federal law will apply to every state in the country without further action. 

Testing cosmetics on animals is an indefensible waste of animal life and the cause of animal suffering when reliable non-animal safety tests have been available for years. Past bills have had strong bipartisan support from members of the House, while this year only four Senators and 40 Representatives have committed to supporting this legislation. 

Please demand that your Representative—and your two Senators—step up and become cosponsors of the Humane Cosmetics Act.  


Call to Actions:

  1. Please contact your U.S. Senators and Representative and demand that they sponsor this important legislation.
  2. Spread the word! Share this page with your social network.




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Please Join as Sponsors of a Humane Ban on Testing Cosmetics on Animals

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to strongly urge you to become a sponsor of the Humane Cosmetics Act, S 2886/HR 5141, which would end the use of animals for safety testing by the cosmetics and personal care industry. Much of the cosmetics industry already relies on more predictive non-animal test methods for evaluating the safety and efficacy of a cosmetic, demonstrating that an end to the use of animals will not negatively impact human health.

The European Union adopted progressive test methods and a humane standard for testing cosmetics for safety many years ago. Many individual countries, including most recently Australia, have also adopted non-animal-based testing for cosmetics safety, and work is being done to educate industries and governments in China, Russia and elsewhere about the advantages of using non-animal test methods. China has already committed to changes in their regulatory system to omit animals from testing procedures.

This work is being spearheaded by American companies, yet the U.S. continues to permit the use of animals for cruel and painful testing, despite the fact that it is not necessary to guarantee the safety of cosmetics. Six states (CA, IL, NJ, NV, NY and VA) have already passed laws prohibiting cosmetics safety testing on animals or the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in their state and more states are already considering a ban in 2020.

But a federal bill is needed on this important issue. In 2018, the Humane Cosmetics Act has 186 cosponsors in the House. Is your name missing from the list of sponsors for this year's legislation?

This is a very important issue to me, once that could help to decide my vote. Please sign on as a cosponsor to the Humane Cosmetics Act and help the U.S. become a cruelty free country this year.

Thank you for your consideration.

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[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]