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More Sponsors Needed for Personal Care Products Safety Act

More Sponsors Needed for Personal Care Products Safety Act 

Name: Personal Care Products Safety Act

Bill Number: S 726

The Personal Care Products Safety Act is one of several bills intended to provide more assurance that ingredients and final products sold as personal care products, specifically cosmetics, are safe for humans. Although this was introduced in 2019, this bill has only 11 cosponsors, not enough to move the bill forward.

In addition to its consideration for human health, the Personal Care Products Safety Act also includes language that supports the inclusion of specific language to phase out the use of animals for product safety testing. The specifics of this measure, which are still being developed, will be added as the committee marks up the bill. However, last year this bill (without positive language regarding an end to animal testing) did not have a hearing. 

NAVS supports the inclusion of language that mimics last session’s proposed Humane Cosmetics Act (HCA). That language read: “It shall be unlawful for any entity, whether private or governmental, to conduct or contract for cosmetic animal testing that occurs in the United States and is for the purpose of developing a cosmetic for sale in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce.” Furthermore, the HCA included a provision that noted: “It shall be unlawful to sell, offer for sale, or knowingly transport in interstate commerce any cosmetic if the final product or any component thereof was developed or manufactured using cosmetic animal testing conducted or contracted after passage of this Act.” 

While the final language in the Personal Care Products Safety Act may be different than that proposed in the HCA in past years, advocacy groups are working hard to ensure that limitations on the use of animals for safety testing is included in this bill.

However, this bill—along with any and all other bills introduced this year that would end the use of animals for product safety testing—urgently needs your support to move forward.


Calls to Action:

  1. Please contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to become cosponsors of Personal Care Products Safety Act.
  2. Spread the word! Share this page with your social network.




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Please Support Making Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Testing Safe AND Humane

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today in support of S 726, the Personal Care Products Safety Act, to ensure that personal care products, including cosmetics, are safe for human use. I'm delighted that this bill includes language to end the use of animals for cosmetics safety testing.

Although the final wording to limit animal testing is still being finalized, I urge you to become a cosponsor of this legislation, ensuring that personal care and cosmetics products are in fact safe for use by humans. Requiring human relevant data--as opposed to animal data--in considering the safety of cosmetics and other personal care products will result in products that are both safer and more humane.

Several states (CA, IL, NJ, NY, NV and VA) have already adopted bans on testing cosmetics products on animals or selling animal-tested products. In 2020, several more states are already considering new legislation restricting the use of animals for cosmetics safety testing. This federal legislation is needed to hasten the process of making the U.S. the next country to adopt a cruelty-free standard for these products. This is a win-win situation for humans and animals.

Please give your support to the Personal Care Products Safety Act by becoming a cosponsor and helping this bill move forward this year.

Thank you.

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