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Washington: End to Paramedic Training Using Live Animals Proposed

Washington: End to Paramedic Training Using Live Animals Proposed

Name: Ban on Animal Use for Paramedic Training

Bill Number: SB 5211

This bill would prohibit the use of live animals to practice invasive medical procedures in paramedic training programs.  This ban addresses the current use of live pigs by some paramedic training programs in the state, where healthy animals are subjected to cruel injury to simulate human patients in the field.  

This legislation, which passed the Senate in 2019, has been reintroduced this session. The bill, sponsored by Senator Palumbo, recognizes the availability of human anatomy simulators that would provide more effective training for future paramedics serving a human population. This bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care.


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Please support an end to the use of live animals for paramedic training

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to support SB 5211, which would require the use of human simulators instead of live animals for training programs for paramedics. This bill already passed the Senate in 2019 with a strong majority and is once more making its way through Senate Committees.

The use of live animals, in particular pigs, to simulate human injuries in paramedic training no longer makes sense with advances in human simulators, which replicate human anatomy and allow for repetitive practice and data collection. These human-based medical training methods not only save animal lives but are also more applicable to real-life medical emergency situations.

I hope that you will give your full support to the passage of this bill in 2020 that would provide better training to paramedics without harming animals.

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